The Photographic Print

All prints are handmade by John and printed on the highest quality fine art papers manufactured. Whether your print is Color, Black and White or Sepia, John’s prints are known for their impeccable quality that captures the lush detail in John’s photographs. Finally, each print is then varnished to protect from UV light and is water resistant.

Some photographs are available on canvas or metal. Please inquire.

The Framing

Each print and mat is varnished with 6 coats  before going into the frame. I do not use glass in my framing. Glass has reflections and takes away from the quality of the print.

John makes the frames in his workshop using either reclaimed wood from old barns or new oak wood stained and varnished. Each and every frame is unique and is custom made to match the tone of your chosen photograph.

Framed Limited Edition photographs are available in the following sizes:
Small – 34” x 28” Limited Edition of (20)
Medium – 46” x 36” Limited Edition of (10)
Large – 64” x 48” Limited Edition of (5)
X-Large 76” x 56” Limited Edition of (3)
One of a kind 86” x 62” Limited edition of (1)
All sizes above are outside frame dimensions. Sizes can vary with “Different Formats”. EX: “square” or “panoramic”
It is not uncommon to see other photographers sell images in additions of 100 or more. John’s very low number of limited edition prints are unique in the world of fine art photography. This is so each edition holds more value as the editions sell out.
As editions sell, prices will increase. Once an edition is sold out, the image will no longer be available in that size.
All Limited editions are signed, numbered and come with a “Certificate of Authenticity”

Limited Edition Prints

John understands framing can be a personal choice and therefore offers a “Print only” option. The sizes are listed below.
Small – 17” x 11” Limited edition of (20)
Medium – 30” x 20” Limited edition of (10)
Large – 48” x 32” Limited Edition of (5)
X-Large 60” x 40” Limited Edition of (3)
One of a kind 72” x 48” Limited edition of (1)
Sizes can vary with “Panoramic Formats”.
As editions sell, prices will increase. As edition sizes close, no further printing of that size will be available, nor will new sizes be introduced.
All Limited editions are signed, numbered and come with a “Certificate of Authenticity”

Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints are available in three sizes and are the less expensive way to collect John’s art. The photographs will have a title and John’s name on the front but are not signed and part of a “Limited edition” series.
15” x 10” Print only
24” x 16” Print only
34” x 22” Print only
48″ x 32″ Print only
60″ x 40″ Print only
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